Hokkaido Market 2024


Hokkaido Real Estate Market 2024: Trends in Land Value Increase and Attractive Investment Areas


On January 1, 2024, land price announcements were made for the entire city of Sapporo, revealing an overall upward trend across all districts. Particularly noteworthy were the significant increases in the town of Kitanomine Cho, Furano City, with a 27% surge, and the 3rd block of Sachi machi in Chitose City, boasting a remarkable 30% rise, ranking it as the third-highest growth nationwide. The driving forces behind these upward trends are the captivating factors unique to each region.


Kitanomine cho, Furano City, often dubbed as the "Second Niseko," has been attracting attention from investors in Hong Kong and Singapore due to the trend of a weakening yen. Situated just below the Furano Ski Resort, Kitanomine Cho captivates investors with its abundant natural environment and breathtaking seasonal scenery. Meanwhile, in the Sachi-machi 3 Chome, Chitose City, the establishment of a new factory by Rapidus has become a catalyst for the increase in land prices. With the factory's expansion, the revitalization of the local economy is anticipated, enhancing the appeal of real estate investments.

The overall trend of land price increases in Sapporo City presents enticing opportunities for investors and real estate buyers alike. Investing in real estate in regions combining rich natural environments with economic growth prospects holds great promise for future returns.

Considering these trends, it seems plausible to closely monitor the real estate market in Sapporo City and identify attractive investment areas.