Beer Garden


Enjoy Sapporo's Summer to the Fullest! Cheers at the Odori Park Beer Garden

Event Period: July 19, 2024 - August 14, 2024

Venue: Odori Park, Sapporo (Blocks 5 to 8, and Blocks 10 to 11)

The Odori Park Beer Garden, a quintessential summer event in Sapporo, will be held again this year. This beer garden is the perfect spot to enjoy Sapporo's summer. The charm lies in the variety of beers available in different areas.

Block 5: Enjoy Suntory beer.

Block 6: Savor Asahi beer.

Block 7: Delight in Kirin beer.

Block 8: Taste the local Sapporo beer.

For those who wish to enjoy international beers, there's the "World Beer Plaza" at Block 10, and "Sapporo German Village" at Block 11, where you can taste authentic German beers. Along with beers from various regions, you can also enjoy delicious food.

The Odori Park Beer Garden enhances the time spent with friends and family under the blue sky, making it even more special. Whether you're gathering with friends for a toast, enjoying a drink after work, or visiting as part of your sightseeing, there are various ways to enjoy it.

Tips for Enjoying the Beer Garden:

Early Arrival: It tends to get crowded in the evening, so visiting early allows for a smoother experience.

Group Reservations: If you're planning to visit with a large group, making a reservation in advance ensures peace of mind.

Variety of Beers: Comparing the unique beers from each area is one of the joys of the event.

Plentiful Snacks: A wide variety of delicious snacks that pair well with beer are also available.

Why not spend a delightful time under the refreshing summer sky with delicious beer and food? To fully enjoy Sapporo's summer, be sure to visit the Odori Park Beer Garden. You're sure to create wonderful memories this year as well!